About IreGaz

The inspiration and starting-point for IreGaz was the IreAtlas Townland database, produced many years ago by John Broderick (Sean Ruad). IreGaz is a tribute as well as a successor to his work.

IreGaz revisited the sources used by IreAtlas, and has also researched many other sources.

As a result of this research, IreGaz is an accurate record of many of the administrative divisions of Ireland at the time of various Censuses.

IreGaz, as currently published, will remain free-of-charge, a contribution to the 'gift economy'. IreGaz is designed to work without cookies or scripts to which your computer might object, while offering flexible and accessible search facilities.

Future Developments of IreGaz

It is intended to add information on Church of Ireland Dioceses; and perhaps on Roman Catholic Parishes and Dioceses. Research may also enable precise dating of boundary changes, resurveys, etc.

It is likely that any significant future developments will be made available only to subscribers.