IreGaz:  How To Sort

How do I use User Sort ?

Auto Sort does not always produce the ordered list you want, so User Sort is provided to enable you to try for the order you want.

For example, you may wish to list all the Townlands in County Dublin. Auto Sort will list them in alphabetical order - a sophisticated alphabetical order, so that Townlands with the same name will be be sorted by Barony and then by Parish within the Barony. But you may wish to group the Townlands by Parish. It's very straightforward:

 1. Set the County dropdown to Dublin.

 2. Click the radiobutton to select User Sort (or press Alt+U if your browser will allow).

 3. Set dropdown 1 (immediately under the radiobutton) to Civil Parish.

 4. Set dropdown 2 to Townland/TOWN/Island.

 5. Set dropdown 3 to Barony.

 6. Click Start Search.

The rows are now grouped by Parish: first all the Townlands in Aderrig, then all the Townlands in Artaine, then all the Townlands in Baldongan, etc etc. By returning to the search page, clicking the Auto Sort radiobutton, and clicking Start Search, you can see the Townlands returned to alphabetical order. Magic!