IreGaz:  Large Data

How large is the database ?

A.  Searching for Townlands / Towns / Islands

Your browser would take a long time to show on a single page the full IreGaz dataset (over 65,000 rows, over 13 megaBytes of data). So IreGaz shows a maximum of 1000 records on a page - if you want to browse through a large result-set, you can jump forwards (or backwards) through the result-set in leaps of various sizes, using jump-buttons at the bottom of a page of results.

B.  Other searches

If the checkboxes marked Townland, Town and Island are all unchecked:
 (a) this sort of search on the full IreGaz dataset takes up to 3 or 4 seconds to process;
 (b) your browser will in most cases have little problem with the amount of data in the result-set.

C.  Make it snappy

By selecting a value from at least one of the lists (Civil Parish, County, etc) you will reduce processing-time to a negligible amount. You will quite possibly be able to view the results on a single page, maybe even on a single screenful.